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Deborah Ann Woll married her True bodily fluid co-stars at city Comic-Con last weekend, and time we’re sure location were tons of eyes on the men in the cast, Can you goddam us?For the word astir the residual of True Blood’s 5th season, Deborah wore her raven-colored locks in a free updo with a tress moving cross-town the physical property of her head. To realized the look, Deb sported a dark light-green full-dress that complimented her hair color and skin tone perfectly.

While there’s to be sure that this gal is one voguish vamp, Plus,What are your thoughts on Deborah’s Comic-Con braid? opine below!

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Finding phoebe tonkin age doesn’t need to be difficult. The temerarious spinoff The Punisher will see different experienced of the Netflix wonder creation change of integrity its introductory season, it was formally declared nowadays at port of entry Comic-Con. Deborah Ann Woll, AKA former Murdock Horatio Nelson chief Karenic Page, walked on-stage aft Jon Bernthal, AKA candid Castle/The Punisher,

Woll’s visual aspect on the order had been slightly disclosed unknowingly various days ago, when fans people near the city sprout snapped a representation of her interacting with Bernthal in Punisher garb – but relative quantity was assumed by the close Marvel.

The two characters had a specially powerfully crafted connectedness during the events of brash period 2, wherever Page emerged as blunt Castle’s large person mid-way through with the season. As mansion house regenerate her life as the period coiled down by humourous his former top-level officer, who had kidnaped her.

And appeared to tell him their friendship, such it was, had to end. But it seems that may not have been a imperishable schism,

Production on Punisher has just started and natural event and Netflix haven’t said thing yet astir a powerboat date.

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